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Introducing the ALL NEW Pebble 12 Handheld Digital Iriscope by EyeRonec.

“Dedicated to the Iridology Pioneers who spent their lives advancing the science of Iridology”

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Why the Pebble 12?

Handheld, no wires to attach

Focus Range: Manual focus from 0 to 100mm

Selectable Light Source: 2 daylight/2 warm white/8 daylight with adjustable light intensity

LCD Display: 4-inch IPS, 800x480

Storage for hundreds of pictures via the included Micro-SD card

OSD Language: English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Japanese and Chinese

Photo Resolution: 12M/10M/8M/5M/3M/2M

Output in 1080p Hi-Res to a TV or monitor via a standard HDMI cable

Includes USB Data Cable with USB low-res mode, software compatible with MAC & Windows

Video Resolution: 1080p/720p

Zoom function – Observe fibres and lesions easily

Extensive English instructions and on-line support

Output via included RCA Video cable for older TVs and Monitors

Rechargeable with ~3 Hour Fast Charging via the included USB Changing Cable

3.8Wh Li-ion Battery providing ~5 Hours Continuous Use/Weeks on standby

The Pebble 12 Handheld is the latest Iridology Camera (Iriscope) from EyeRonec.

While our Pebble Pro Plus and the Pebble 9 USB cameras are light and easy to operate while connected to a computer the all new Pebble 12 does not need a computer to operate. It has a built in battery and its own LCD screen as well as an included MicroSD card to store all the images/photos taken.

If you would like to view the images/photos on a computer (PC or MAC) or save them for further reference you can. Simply download the pictures from the MicroSD card or via the included USB Data cable in the same way you would download images from your smartphone.

What's New
Lighting Options
The Pebble 12 Handheld is designed and built in Australia. It has a rechargeable battery so it does not need to be connected to a power supply ! Just open the screen and the camera wakes up, ready to take iris photos.

You can zoom into the iris image to get a close-up of anything that needs further investigation, right up to 1,200 times magnification.

Another feature of the Pebble 12 is the Video outputs, for example with the included video cable you can connect the camera to any new or old TV for advertising/promotion display. You can also connect it to any size flat screen TV as a monitor by connecting it via a standard HDMI cable. This enables the Pebble 12 to be used for teaching, lectures, and promotions.

The OSD (On Screen Display) language can be set to English, Spanish, German, French and many more

The Pebble 12 is the most versatile camera we have ever made and includes most, if not all, the wishes and ideas practitioners have asked for over the years.
We have put 5 lighting options on this camera to give you the best lighting for every individual eye being blue, brown and anything in between.

• 2 daylight lights for blue and light brown eyes
• 2 warm lights for brown eyes with a white cloud over them
• Both daylights and warm lights
• The traditional 8 daylight lights that fall into the pupil area
• All 12 lights on (if all else fails this should do the trick)
• Light intensity control to adjust the brightness of all the lighting options

This unique lighting system and the HD optical glass lens will provide an outstanding image without the use of old fashioned flash and chin rests. So now is the time to update your old equipment !

"Must have magnification for Iridology Camera"

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